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A Little History



I  had the honor to participate in a production with Oxford Shakespeare Company, and had the privilege to portray several characters in Shakepeare's Hamlet at Marienlyst Castle, one of Hamlet's castles, in  Helsingor, Denmark.

I was Guildenstern, The Priest, Gertrude's lord, The Ambassador, & The Captain. 


I am currently a certified USPTA Professional  assistant tennis pro, Junior Team Tennis Coach, at the prestigious San Marino Tennis Club in Los Angeles. I am a tennis player and was a competitive tennis player back in high school. I was first doubles and tennis team captain. I was ranked 3rd in New York city in the Girls' 16 division, MVP and most victorious doubles. I was also offered a spot at a Division 1 school at SUNY Binghamton. I worked at the USTA National Tennis Center, home of the US Open Tennis Championships, as a summer camp coach, ballgirl for the US Open, and ballgirl for the Jana Hunsaker wheelchair program and world championships. I'm currently rated as 4.0. 


I am a Brown Belt in Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima, Kali, Arnis) under Grandmaster Erwin Mosqueda with the Los Angeles Doce Pares and am trained in fight choreography. I won the west coast nationals for forms was also part of the USA national team and competed in the  2018 WEKAF World Championships in Maui in the Sayaw (forms) division. I am a silver medalist in the World Championships.


I have studied Shakespeare with Cate Scott Campbell, theater with Jennifer Chang, commercial acting with Aaron Takahashi and my current on camera training is with Colleen Foy at Stan Kirsch Studios.

I grew up in Queens, New York. Though I have the standard american accent, I say some words as they typically are pronounced in the 5 boroughs and Long Island.

I am a former gymnast. My strongest events were the uneven bars and balance beam on Level 9. I was the Level 8 All Around NY State Champion in 1994 for USGF (United States Gymnastics Federation) and medaled in 1993 nationals for Level 7 for the uneven bars and balance beam.

I am a certified 200 hr Hot Yoga instructor and  have been practicing Bikram/Hot yoga since 2013. I also have some experience with Kundalini Yoga.

I am a classically trained violinist, having studied mainly at the Brooklyn Conservatory in NY. I have been with the Orchestra Collective of Orange County, formerly known as The OC Symphony, since 2008 and was concert mistress of my high school orchestra.

In 2002, I was a member of AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps, a domestic version of Peace Corps, where I served 1700 hours of community service in 10 months.

I have a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy and an MBA in Healthcare Administration.

I also have some training in ballet, tap, and jazz. I stopped ballet right before point.

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